Thursday, July 22, 2010

Goodbye Jungle and Guayzimi Fotos

Last weekend a bunch of the volunteers from the cluster came down to have a despedida with us in Guayzimi. We did a great jungle hike up a waterfall and through the jungle to a tire swing and see some awesome trees and wildlife.

We had to cross this river to get to the Pailas waterfall, or pails. It was cool because there were two pools up on the waterfall and the water would come rushing down, like pails full of water.

I made the 10 km walk to Zumbi the other day to visit Grigs and snapped this sepia photo on the way. Man, I will miss these mountains.

This is Mario, Chris´s CRAZY host brother. This kid has made me laugh more than anybody here. Here he is bathing himself with the hose, acting like a wildthing. Last night we made S´mores after the AMAZING cookout they made for us, as a final dinner. Mario ate practically the whole bag of marshmallows (or besos de novia kisses of the bride) and was so hyper. He was acting ridiculous. Chris is definitely going to be down a sidekick when he goes to the States. Those two were like long lost brothers.

Here is Chris with the amazing Castillo family. You can see the little grill they set up in front. Such amazing was criollo chicken (organic chicken) but this tasted way better than the criollos I´ve normally had. Lip smacking good. We also made shish kabobs with pork and veggies. Those were amazing and Mercy, his sister, was gobbling those up.

Me with Chris and Mario and then Joey, the volunteer that is replacing Chris. He was here this week for a site visit and then comes back in the middle of August. It was cool to meet him and show him around...crazy that he is replacing Chris! Time has seriously flown by. (sorry about the laundry lines in the faces)

Well I am hoping to put up at least one more post before I leave. As always, thanks for reading´s been so much fun doing this blog!


Anonymous said...

And we have loved reading it! What an awesome gift you have given yourself and all of us sharing your adventures from the comfort of our home computers! We love you, senorita! mammammama

Emily said...

Corrrrieee! So sorry that we missed out on all the despidada fun. Jason said it was the most laughs he has had in a while! =D Adam was sick all that weekend so in the end we would have been debbie downers anyway!! Hope we see you at least one last time before you bid adieu to southern Ecualand!

Anonymous said...

I will miss your blog hella lots. Maybe you should start another? I heard 3rd eye blind on the radio, and as always I thought of you. I hope I get to see you at some point when you come back ;)

Aunt Sheshie said...

I have loved following all your adventures. Time has gone by so fast. Can't wait to see you in a few weeks. Safe travels home,sweetie!! We love you.

Angela Cappetta said...

These pictures are incredible. I'm so jealous.

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